Remote factory condition monitoring and control
  • modularity/expandability.
    • Hardware:
      • Sensor interfaces. 
      • Communication interfaces. 
      • Hardware performance requirements.
    • Software:
      • Add/remove/configure software components.
      • Flexibly exchange data pre-processing modules /Algorithms .
  • Enable data pre-processing. Functionality: Raw Data-Smart Data.
  • Access to existing control systems and monitoring infrastructure.
AR-base technologies for remote assistance :
  • Device diagnostic platform for AR content creation and delivery.
  • UI designs for different wearable hardware.

  • Development and adaptation of Augmented Reality (AR) based technologies for providing assistance to the maintenance personnel.

  • Information about the status of the machinery and overall equipment within the factory;

Cloud-based platform for remote diagnostics:
  • managing the data remotely,
  • applying data analytics and predictive maintenance algorithms in a remote cloud and
  • proposing corrective actions and guidance for maintenance in near real time and in the correct place within the factory


AI condition-based maintenance:
  • Data analytic algorithms for accurately predict potential failures on the equipment;
  • Hybrid approaches on data driven and physics-based models on the machine/equipment;
  • Enable planning and scheduling maintenance activities in specific timeframes without interrupting the production process plan.