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  • On an evolutionary information system for providing personalized support to plant operators


NoTitleDue DateDownload
D8.4M24 Progress Report25
D8.3M12 Progress Report13
D8.2M6 Progress Report7
D8.1SERENA internal web portal for partners interaction1
D7.5Data Management Plan6PDF
D7.4Dissemination and exploitation activities – Final version36
D7.3Dissemination and exploitation activities – Intermediate version24
D7.2Dissemination and exploitation activities- Initial version12PDF
D7.1SERENA public web portal1PDF
D6.6Quantification, comparative analysis and improvements36
D6.5Steel parts production industry demonstrator 36
D6.4Metrological engineering industry demonstrator 36
D6.3Elevators production industry demonstrator 36
D6.2White goods industry demonstrator 36
D6.1Test beds design & adaption18
D5.3Cloud-based platform for remote diagnostics-final prototype30
D5.2Cloud-based platform for remote diagnostics- first prototype24
D5.1Design of cloud-based platform for remote diagnostics12PDF
D4.3AR-based remote diagnostics platform and interfaces30
D4.2AR-based remote diagnostics platform and interfaces - first prototype24
D4.1Design of AR-based remote diagnostics platform and interfaces 12PDF
D3.3Versatile maintenance and planning - final prototype30
D3.2Versatile maintenance and planning - first prototype24
D3.1Design of versatile maintenance and planning12PDF
D2.3Monitoring and control framework final prototype24
D2.2Monitoring and control framework initial prototype18
D2.1Design of versatile framework for factory condition monitoring12PDF
D1.1Report on Use-case definition, evaluation metrics and End-Users requirements6