Organization information: SynArea is an Italian IT consulting company, based in Turin, which is active in the ICT field since 1985 with expertise in various fields, from mechatronics to aeronautics, from document management to distributed information systems. SynArea creates and develop ad-hoc software solutions, with customers in both private and public sector. SynArea collaborates with several Research and Education Institutions that have a key role in innovation research, such as Università degli Studi, Politecnico di Torino, Istituto Superiore Mario Boella di Torino and has participated in many regional co-funded research projects in the last years. SynArea expertise lies in 3D real-time Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality technologies and methodologies while the employees have wide knowledge of the most popular modeling tools as 3DStudioMax, Maya, Blender etc. Expertise in new technologies and methodologies to improve the web fruition of 3D VR contents, using open standards and declarative-3D oriented solutions, for browser fruition without plugins and allowing interoperability and duration of the contents.

Role in SERENA: SynArea will bring its technical expertise to the SERENA consortium.