Organization information: TRIMEK is one of the main manufacturers of metrological systems and solutions worldwide, and is the leading company in the Basque Country and Spanish markets in the field of Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) and measuring and digitalization software. TRIMEK develops metrological and dimensional inspection solutions for the automotive, aeronautical, ship building, energy, transport and machine tool industrial sectors. TRIMEK holds expertise in the area of coordinate measuring machines, robotics, machine integration, digitalization software, metrological software and control development. TRIMEK also provides consultancy and services related to dimensional metrology processes and metrological SW platforms, as well as digitalization processes of real parts. Covering any metrological need that a company might have, from machinery maintenance and calibration, to other services such as measurements in house or reverse engineering. TRIMEK expertise covers the main aspects of virtual metrology and robotic coordinate measuring systems. This includes the digitalization of the surface of real produced, manufactured or printed parts. Starting from this point, the information acquired by the digitalization of the parts can be used for many purposes. TRIMEK software gives the chance, for example, to compare the digitalized surface with the design CAD of the part. This can be applied to quality control, to iterative design work or to reverse engineering.

Role in SERENA: TRIMEK will be one of the SERENA end users responsible for the metrological engineering industry demonstrator.